KASSON is a three piece Alternative Rock band out of Central Florida made up of Durik Comtois (Lead Vocals) and his twin brother Evan (Drums/Vocals) along with their long time friend and Guitarist Jordan Telesca. Their upbeat euphoric instrumentals, driving rock bass, big drums and catchy melodic vocals are derived from an eclectic mix of styles from Indie, Pop and Alternative Rock sounds. The members of KASSON came together with a Mission in mind to create authentic rock music that can be experienced and understood by listeners of all ages anywhere in the world.

In 2014, KASSON had written and recorded their first single "Gold" which topped the Orlando Best of the City Playlist on Spotify with more than 70,000 streams. Shortly after, they began writing and recording their first EP Infinity with Producer Gustavo Porras at Red Lion Audio which is now streaming and available for sale on all major outlets. The band has performed with major artists all over their home state of Florida including X107.3 & aXis Magazine’s Big O Festival in Orlando; featuring Fall Out Boy, Weezer, Young the Giant, Dirty Heads, New Politics and more. They opened for AWOLNATION at SunFest Music Festival in West Palm Beach, FL and has performed as headliners at the Florida Music Festival from 2015-2017.

Currently, the band is in the studio working on new music and has plans to continue on into their next album which is written and ready to record.

“KASSON is a delicious mix of alternative rock and indie pop. I can close my eyes and picture their songs all over the radio, and you singing along. I’m here to tell you now I’m probably most excited to see their set next week of all these local acts. I was taken back by Durik’s beautiful vocals, the lovely piano woven into their tracks, and the maturity in their craft. I’ve listened to “Gold” about a million times in the past week. KASSON is on the money crediting Young the Giant as an influencer. Their sound is incredibly similar, which is a massive compliment. Fans of Copeland, Imagine Dragons, and Fall Out Boy will also love this trio.”

Cassie Morien

Sunfest Local Natives Blog

“I keep finding more and more reasons to just move to Florida. I mean, yeah the weather, the food and the people are great, but so is their music scene. Holy cow. Check out this band playing at SunFest. You just know that anything they release next will be just as good. KASSON is yet another local band from Florida and it’s looking very promising.”

Marinela D.


“There is no genre that is out of bounds to this band, and their eclectic sound is sure to please thousands of fans, and attract the attention of influential listeners.”

Kareem Gantt


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